Connie Podesta on stage Tip Number
From the moment motivational speaker Connie Podesta walks on stage you know you're in good hands.
Connie Podesta interacts with her audience Tip Number
No powerpoint slideshows. Ever. Connie is way too busy interacting with your audience.
Connie is funny. Laugh-out-loud funny. Tip Number
Not your average motivational speaker -- Connie is funny. Laugh-out-loud funny. Did her first comedy gig at 14 and never looked back.
Master of Ceremonies - Connie Podesta Tip Number
As a Motivational Speaker and Master of Ceremonies, Connie ensures that your event is a success from beginning to end!
Connie''s killer strategies impress the pros. Motivational speech at it's best Tip Number
Connie's killer strategies impress even the "pros" who think they've been there, done that.
Connie loves the audience and they love her Tip Number
Connie loves the audience. And they love her.
Connie Rocks the Stage Tip Number
Motivational Speaker Connie Podesta's edgy, classy, tell-it-like-it-is personality ROCKS the stage. Passion is her middle name.
Connie never takes herself too seriously Tip Number
Connie is a bona fide expert. Without the ego. She never takes herself too seriously.
Connie's award-winning books, dvd's and resources keep her message alive for years to come Tip Number
Connie's award-winning books, DVD's and resources keep her message alive for years to come.
Motivational, Funny, One of the top speaker around today Tip Number
Connie is NOT... a DIVA. As your motivational speaker -- She knows that the ONLY star of the show is YOUR AUDIENCE.