Happiness Is Job Security

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Let’s talk about work for a minute. Most people don’t often rank HAPPINESS as a major component of success in the workplace. How many times do people put “I’m so happy” on their list of résumé skills and traits? I’ve never seen it even once. Is your “happiness level” ranked on the yearly evaluation sheet that determines whether you get a raise or promotion? Are you attending training workshops on “Raising the Bar for Happiness” or “Exceeding Happiness Expectations”? Does your company have a five-year strategic plan for increasing happiness ratios? Probably not.

But let me tell you: HAPPINESS literally ROCKS the workplace in terms of money, success, increasing customer base, closing more deals, and expanding market share. And talk about Return on Investment! It’s like the investment that never goes down in value. Believe me, in a world where competition is tough, products and prices look alike, and change happens at the click of a mouse, your best shot at success is to differentiate yourself and literally STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD in a positive way.

After interviewing thousands of CEOs, HR Directors, and business owners, I heard one common denominator: “We can teach skills, but don’t have the time or energy to turn a negative, unhappy attitude into a happy, willing, creative, and productive worker.”

They’re right. That has to start with YOU.

Want to attract the best customers, the best companies, the coolest deals, the most sought-after jobs, and the most amazing opportunities? Then your personality has to reflect a positive spirit. HAPPINESS is your best chance for job security—because it’s not just about being positive. Remember: HAPPINESS creates the energy to work harder, produce more, sell more, learn more, and create more. What organization doesn’t want that person on their payroll?