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How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Life Totally Changes When You Do By Motivational Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta I recently made a Facebook post that went something like this: “So what's REALLY stopping you? From going for your dreams? Taking that trip? Taking care of yourself? Living life to the fullest? I can tell you what it is not - it's not someone else, something else, time or even money. We make happen what we make a priority. Isn't it time you moved yourself up the list of things that are IMPORTANT?” It was immediately followed by a volley of questions, messages, and emails from readers who wanted to know HOW Read More

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What I Discovered in the Nothingness…

And How it’s Changed Everything By Motivational Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta This vacation was my best ever. I did nothing. We didn't sightsee. I didn't learn anything new. I didn't read anything non-fiction. I literally -- did nothing productive! I read a romance novel. Drank mint and cucumber water. Watched Netflix. Had a crunchy salad. Walked along the ocean. Meditated. Had a watermelon salad. Snuggled. Snacked. Watched the sunset. Had a great white wine. Walked some more. Ate wonderful seafood. Slept. And slept some more. Floated in the ocean. Had a fresh fruit smoothie. Got a m Read More

Balancing professional and personal life

Three Strategies to Take Charge of Your Personal Life

So That Your Professional Life Can Soar! by Leadership Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta Think your personal and professional lives aren't intertwined? Think again. Chances are that despite your best attempts to keep the two separate, the quality and stability of your personal life often have a direct impact upon the quality and success of your professional life. In fact, for many people, their professional life mirrors their personal life. When your personal life is stable and happy, this mirroring is a good thing. Your professional life will be productive and rewarding because you'll Read More


Are You Dealing With Change or Does Change Have to Deal with YOU?

A Little Truth About Change By Keynote Speaker and Human Behavior Expert Connie Podesta Bottom line:  The companies I interview say that without a doubt that one of the top traits they are looking for when deciding who to hire, who to fire and who to promote is a person’s ability to quickly and effectively adapt and adopt to CHANGE without resisting, complaining and becoming overwhelmed. So -- does that describe your go-to reaction when faced with significant change?  I hope so.  Change?  It’s going to happen, whether you’re ready or not.  Like it or not. Want it or not.  You don’t alw Read More


How to Hire the Perfect Motivational Keynote Speaker

Learn the Top Ten Traits to Look For With Industry Thought Leader Connie Podesta By Julie Escobar, Syndicated Columnist This is it. Crunch time. You’ve got an event on the horizon and you’ve been challenged to make sure it’s the best attended, most results-producing, high-impact, high-added value gathering your organization or client has ever seen. No pressure – right? I’ve been there – those are big shoes to fill! To help you work smarter (not harder) and make the best possible decision – I’ve tapped into one of the best, most sought-after motivational speakers I know – Connie Podesta Read More


LEADERSHIP—What Works and What Doesn’t!

And How You Can Make it WORK For You By Leadership Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta As I work with leaders, managers and supervisors around the world, I keep running into the same four leadership styles. One is amazingly effective and promotes a healthy, productive environment and the other three? Well they do exactly the opposite. They create havoc. Lack of motivation. Disruption. Teams that can’t work together. Low productivity. Resistance to change. And high turnover. Let’s take a look at what DOESN”T work first. Number one: The micro-manager. You know the type. Overachieving, want Read More