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How You Approach Work Makes All the Difference in the World!

March 5th, 2015

The Difference Between a Calling, a Career, and “Just a Job”cp calling career or job

By Business Motivational Keynote Speaker and Human Behavior expert Connie Podesta

After speaking to and interviewing thousands of people throughout my career, it became very apparent to me that individuals basically approach their life’s work in one of three ways.  Take a peek at each three descriptions and see which one DESCRIBES YOU the best.

A Calling. Do you have an absolute innate gift for what you do?  You know – where you have that feeling that you were born to do whatever it is you do.  Selling.  Teaching.  Planning. Building. Technology.  Organizing.  Leading.  Designing.  Caregiving.   It is not even so much about the specific product or service involved but the skill or talent that you bring to the task at hand.  Take me for example.  I ALWAYS KNEW I wanted to speak—but it came in different forms throughout my life.  I’ve counseled.  Taught.  Coached.  Managed. Performed.

And now I am a Professional Speaker.  No matter the venue I found a way to integrate my “calling” into my job description.  Which made each job feel like it was meant for me!

Good news: If the term CALLING fits you then you are totally self-motivated. Awards, praise, even money does not incentivize you as much as your inner voice that drives you to do the very BEST you can in most given situations.  You are your own critic.  Boss.  Coach.  Cheerleader.  Disciplinarian.  You are not satisfied unless you are at the top of your profession. You rarely feel trapped at work because you can envision your talents in many places.  You often become entrepreneurs so you can make the rules and be your own boss.

A Career.  You understand, and for the most part accept, that your job has to be more than “just a job”.  You want to move ahead.  Make more money.  Be promoted.  Achieve success.  However, you have not yet figured out how to integrate what you love, were born to do, or have a passion for into this job.  As a result, work is not as satisfying.  Rewarding. Or fun.  Training will be boring. Time will go slowly.  You will need a lot of outside motivation, recognition and praise to feel satisfied.   You may even feel trapped because you’ve put so much into a job that you don’t truly LOVE that you can’t imagine leaving at this point.   I’ve had a career before.  I was working hard but had not realized how much I needed to tap into my innate talents and integrate them into my job.  All I knew was I wasn’t happy.  I woke up each morning thinking “there’s got to be more than this!”  And there was.  When I finally realized that the only way I could turn this around was to figure out how to integrate my innate gift of speaking, coaching and mentoring into my profession, I started offering to mentor new employees.  Coach new students.  Lead teams.  Facilitate meetings.  Slowly I began to LOVE my job!  The job didn’t change but my efforts to integrate my innate talents changed my attitude about it.

A Job.  Ugh!  What’s worse than having “just a job”?  Where the absolute only reward is a PAYCHECK?  Don’t get me wrong.  Money is important to all of us—to pay the bills, educate our kids, afford time to enjoy a personal life.  However, when that is the ONLY motivation 8, or, 9 or 10 hours of work a day can seems like an eternity.  If you are in this category – and we have all been at some time or another—the incentive to deliver more, learn more, or be more is gone.  And this is where attitude comes into play.  There are times in my life where “a job” was all I could get and I desperately needed the money.  But..I never stopped looking for how I could make it better.  Not just for the company or the customer—but FOR ME!  Most of us cannot survive “just a job” without feeling needed.  Smart.  Engaged.  Or necessary.  The first step is to look for rewards you can enjoy other than just money.  And that involves doing something MORE than the job requires.  Too often when someone is doing “just a job” they give up trying.  Stop being pro-active.  Helpful.  Efficient.  But then complain because they are not appreciated.  Recognized.  Or rewarded.  You know what? You can’t have it both ways. If you do as little as possible to keep the paycheck coming it will catch up with you—and before long the paycheck and YOU will be gone.

So where do you fit?  What feels closest to your situation?  Here’s my two cents for each and every one of you.  If you have a calling – congrats!  You’re exactly where you want to be, so keep appreciating that fact and continue to grow.  If you are in a career, then that’s good too – just keep working on finding ways to integrate and use your innate talents and skills into you job.  Let you company know what you can do well so they can keep you in mind when opportunities arise to use you in different ways.  Surround yourself with people at the top of your field, learn from them, get inspired by them, and keep your energy levels high.  And for those of you who are just in a job – then maybe it’s a good time for you to take a look at what you DO love, what your innate strengths and passions are, and create a plan for how to start using those skills to make your job more than just a job.  Life’s too short to work all day at something that you don’t like. Something that just doesn’t suit you at all.  In our world there are a million and one opportunities for change – we just have to go after them.

Here’s quick video I did on this topic…

I’d love to know where you fit – comment below or join me on my Facebook page!  I wish you every success and hope that you can all find something that you can’t wait to do every day!

Rah Rah Or REAL Results?

February 4th, 2015

What’s Changing for Event Planners and Audiences?motivational speaker audience response

by Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta

When people ask me if I am a motivational speaker I always answer that I am definitely not the “rah-rah, dream your dream, you can have whatever you want” kind of speaker.   Why?  Because audiences definitely want more than just old-fashioned cheer-leading nowadays.  They want answers.  Solutions.  Ideas.  Strategies.  They want solid take-aways they can use to increase their profits. Blow away the competition.  Attract more customers.  Increase sales.  Become more effective leaders.  Increase the quality of their life. And learn to balance home and career.  Bottom line:  time is everything these days.  It’s limited.  In demand.  A precious commodity. That’s a big part of why you see such a major shift now in what audiences expect and demand to learn (and ACHIEVE) from the events they attend and speakers they hear.

Back in ‘the day’ there was more time for the old school type motivational speaker to come in and simply pump up an audience.  They would tell their own personal story of adversity or success with the hopes that the audience would be motivated enough by someone else’s story that they would change their own attitudes, actions, or behaviors.  But that’s not how the average person learns to do better. Audiences today want MORE than some else’s story.  Much More!  Does that mean that audiences don’t need to be motivated?  Not at all.  But they want to be motivated in a different way than in the past.  They want to be given and taught the tools and skills necessary for them to feel EMPOWERED TO TAKE THE ACTION NECESSARY to achieve higher levels of success.   In other words they need to be EMPOWERED TO BECOME SELF-MOTIVATED.   That’s their one and only key to success.

Organizations and event planners are now looking for speakers who can do both:  Motivate the audience to become self-empowered and have the credentials and experience necessary to teach them just how to do that. Motivation shouldn’t be a fleeting emotion that goes away when the speaker leaves the stage.  I believe it has to be much longer than that to truly get the RESULTS both the organization and the audience want and deserve.

Check out this quick clip on why organizations and event planners are looking for a totally different kind of MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER — and why:

I’d love to hear from you!  Post a comment below or head over to my Facebook page and share your thoughts!  See you there!


Finding Your Balance.

December 17th, 2014

It’s Not About Equal Time Life Balance Means Equal Value And Balanced

by Keynote Speaker and Human Relationship Expert Connie Podesta

As a motivational keynote speaker in today’s sometimes chaotic world, I’m often asked by clients to deliver a message on BALANCE and I’m happy to share.  The truth is balance will never, EVER be about equal time.  It’s just not.  For anyone who works, enjoys a career, has outside interests, volunteers, is a parent, is a spouse or partner, has aging parents — you name it – you can’t equal out the time. “Balancing Home and Career” gives the illusion that there’s a magical way to equalize these two parts of your life. No one has discovered a way to do that yet.  In fact, most people who attempt to define balance in terms of equal time for home and career usually end up frustrated and disappointed when they discover that it’s easier said than done. The truth is:  MOST JOBS REQUIRE THAT YOU SPEND FAR MORE TIME AT WORK THAN YOU SPEND AT HOME. There is also a problem with the premise that your personal life and your professional life are two distinct parts of who you are. Sure, your company has the right to expect that you commit fully to working hard during paid work time and leave your personal problems at home, and your family deserves to have your full attention and share quality time with you.  It can be tough sometimes to compartmentalize our attitudes, behaviors, perceptions, and feelings into two totally separate worlds. But here’s the thing:  YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE. There’s no such thing as a “personal life” and a “professional life” — you have a LIFE and there will always be pushing and pulling from all sides.

Here’s what you CAN do.  You can nurture all those parts of you, and the people in your life so that you find fulfillment and feel RESPECTED, APPRECIATED, and RECOGNIZED in all the different areas of your life.  You can go easy on yourself when one part of your life takes over for a little while, knowing that there will always be those shifts in attention and power.  You can stop the practice of comparing yourself to others who you think have it “more together” or are “perfect” because honestly, no one is exempt from the tricky teeter-totter of balancing it all.

Head into the new year with knowing that you don’t need to ‘have it all’ to be happy.  You don’t need to make the clock work exactly in equal proportions for all the areas of your life.  You can do the best you can and earn the respect, appreciation, and care as a business person, a parent, a spouse, a partner, a friend, a child, a colleague, a sibling — and when you have all that going for you — the rest will take care of itself.

Learn more about finding balance in your life by downloading my book STANDOUT Balance for free this holiday season!  Simply click here to view the book, add it to your shopping bag and use the coupon code:  FREEBALANCE to download on the house!  I wish great things for you in the coming year!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I’d love to hear your thoughts – share them here or on my Facebook page today! Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Connie Podesta is a world-renowned Motivational Keynote Speaker.  She delivers empowered strategies, timely topics, and the kind of real-world content that audiences want and need in today’s busy, and often chaotic world.  If you are looking for ways to take your team to the next level, and drive production, sales, morale, or all three through the roof — book  Connie today.  


Are You Bah-Humbugging This Holiday?

December 11th, 2014

How to Stay in the Presentbah humbug 2

By Motivational Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta

It’s started already. People are asking, “Connie, how will I EVER get through the holidays?” Irritating family, overwhelming schedules, and stress. Sound familiar? If holidays for you mean more scary than merry–STOP. Take time. Breathe. You get to control your own life. That free will thing? Totally true. Make this the season you take some time for you. Change traditions. Savor the moments. Find your joy. Make some memories. Holidays shouldn’t be about the hustle. Go ahead and put the HAPPY back in.

There will always be difficult people.  Always.  And some of them?  We even call FAMILY.  The truth is that we can break some traditions. We do NOT (let that sink in for a second) have to ALWAYS do things the way they have ALWAYS been done.  In fact, a little break in the holiday habits can sometimes be the best thing for us in terms of changing the way we see the season.

Here’s an idea – sit with your family (the ones you WANT to spend time with) and ask everyone to come up with just one thing they can do differently next year than they’ve ever done.  Tell them to get creative.  Think out of the box.  Heck, throw the box away.  What is one fun way you can celebrate the season without sacrificing your sanity?  You might find some of your family members have been thinking about their suggestion for a long time and just didn’t know how to bring it up.  Then break out next year. Try some new things.  Share the laughter, and share the idea with friends who might be in the very same boat as you and were dreading the holidays.

There’s a cool thing about choices.  We get to CHOOSE how we spend each and every day of the year – holidays included.

So get out of the Bah-Humbug mode and into the spirit. Give change a chance.  You might even surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it!

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Re-Thinking Your CHOICES.

December 2nd, 2014

choicesA Gift of Perspective

by Motivational Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta

The truth is?  The difference between being POWERFUL and POWERLESS in our lives really does come down to CHOICE.  We can ACT or REACT.  We can find the GOOD or the BAD in any given situation.  We can LEARN from each day or keep repeating old habits and patterns.  It’s up to us.  Each of us. Every day.  If  what you want is to live differently.  Abundantly.  Purposefully.  Creatively.  You absolutely CAN.  It all starts with taking CHARGE of your life.


  • No more excuses
  • Being accountable for the consequences
  • of your actions
  • Taking responsibility for your happiness
  • Letting go of what didn’t work in the past
  • and choosing to move forward
  • Solving problems instead of whining
  • and complaining
  • Finding your power in the middle of chaos.

Here’s a quick video: 

If you’re ready for that – then I have a gift for you.  A copy of my insightful eBook STANDOUT SUCCESSFUL CHOICES.  It’s filled with insights and ideas, and most importantly, PERSPECTIVE.  Which helps change the way we think, act, react, and move forward from here on in.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Get your copy here, click on add to bag, then enter the coupon code FREECHOICES to get your free copy. I’d love to hear your thoughts – share them here or on my Facebook page today!  Enjoy and happy holidays!

Connie Podesta is a world-renowned Motivational Keynote Speaker.  She delivers empowered strategies, timely topics, and the kind of real-world content that audiences want and need in today’s busy, and often chaotic world.  If you are looking for ways to take your team to the next level, and drive production, sales, morale, or all three through the roof — book  Connie today.  

Free Relationships eBook!

November 28th, 2014

Perfect for Getting You Through the Holidays! standout relationships

by Motivational Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta

FAMILY.  FRIENDS.  CO-WORKERS. NEIGHBORS.  We’re all connected – right?  But sometimes creating or keeping those important relationships in our lives is not always a walk in the park.  This week, as part of my free gifts campaign, I wanted to offer you one of my latest eBooks, STANDOUT Relationships.

Pulled from my two-time Best Business Book of the Year 10 Ways to STANDOUT From the Crowd, you’ll find this book delivers powerful strategies for really understanding the people in your life and how you can interact with them in the best possible way for everyone.   The truth is?  ALL RELATIONSHIPS, NO MATTER HOW respectful, loving or professional, will have some challenging moments, including disagreements, hurt feelings, tension, disappointment and compromise. However, in a healthy relationship these feelings are dealt with in an adult, respectful way and do not become toxic and harmful to you or the other person.

Here’s a quick video…

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I’d love to hear your thoughts – share them here or on my Facebook page today! Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Connie Podesta is a world-renowned Motivational Keynote Speaker.  She delivers empowered strategies, timely topics, and the kind of real-world content that audiences want and need in today’s busy, and often chaotic world.  If you are looking for ways to take your team to the next level, and drive production, sales, morale, or all three through the roof — book  Connie today.  

A FREE Happiness Gift!

November 24th, 2014

My Wish for You This Holiday Seasonredefining happiness cover

By Motivational Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta

Wow. Another year getting ready to draw to a close and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the experiences this year has offered. Opportunities, challenges, friendships, amazing audiences, incredible clients, and wonderful places visited — even some insightful perspectives discovered. Not to get all Frank Capra on you all, but all in all – it’s a wonderful life.

Throughout the year, on my blog, in emails, and especially through social media, I’m asked a lot of advice questions such as, “How can I be HAPPIER? More SUCCESSFUL? Get along with those people in my office that make me a little nuts? Change the way I feel about (my job, my life, my marriage, my future)?”

One of the things that I’m so fortunate to have is a background in psychology. It sure does help me share with people why others do what they do and say what they say. It also helps me to help them unravel a few facts that allow them to lead happier lives, understand the people around them, and make the CHOICES that will help them let go of what doesn’t work and reach out for what will. It’s also what helps me help people get out of the BOXES they’ve put themselves in and see their worlds in a whole different way.

This holiday season I wanted to get out of the box myself a little. And I want to GIVE BACK to all of you who’ve enriched my life in ways you may not even imagine. Like the wonderful wishes from around the globe sent on my birthday, or the flood of kind and generous support I felt after we lost our home to a fire, or the incredible warmth and connection you’ve sent my way just sitting in one of my audiences. I could not be more grateful for all those things and more.

So from now through the end of the year, I’ll be giving away two eBooks per week! My wish for you is that you download these books which are filled with strategies, tools, ideas, and the kind of perspectives that can be life-changers. I hope that you will love them, and start putting those tools to use in your life right away, and pull them up again over and over throughout the coming year and beyond when life throws you a twist, or you’re needed a little extra motivation in your week.

This week, download my Redefining Happiness book absolutely free as my gift to you and yours. I hope it helps you shift perspectives and head into the New Year renewed and ready for ANYTHING! Get it here  – click on ADD TO BAG, then enter coupon code FREEHAPPY to download for free!

Here’s a clip I did on why I wrote the book…

I’d love to hear your thoughts – share them here or on my Facebook page today! Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Connie Podesta is a world-renowned Motivational Keynote Speaker.  She delivers empowered strategies, timely topics, and the kind of real-world content that audiences want and need in today’s busy, and often chaotic world.  If you are looking for ways to take your team to the next level, and drive production, sales, morale, or all three through the roof — book  Connie today.  

LEADERSHIP—What Works and What Doesn’t!

September 4th, 2014

And How You Can Make it WORK For Youleadership

By Leadership Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta

As I work with leaders, managers and supervisors around the world, I keep running into the same four leadership styles. One is amazingly effective and promotes a healthy, productive environment and the other three? Well they do exactly the opposite. They create havoc. Lack of motivation. Disruption. Teams that can’t work together. Low productivity. Resistance to change. And high turnover.

Let’s take a look at what DOESN”T work first.

Number one: The micro-manager. You know the type. Overachieving, wants to win, highly competitive. In themselves none of those three things are bad. But here’s what happens. The micro-manager is so busy hovering, manipulating, reminding, pressing, and doing things themselves, they lose the ability to create bench strength within their team. The employees don’t take responsibility because the micro-manager is right there to remind them or do for them. And here’s the other thing that gets missed. The employees never get a chance to explore who they are, to be creative, to fine tune or showcase their skills and talents. There’s just no room. Plus the typical micro-manager is quick to place blame and not so quick to compliment and encourage. So what happens when the manager is out for a week? There’s no one to step up to the plate-right? Because they haven’t created healthy, confident, pro-active risk takers in their teams who are willing to step into leadership roles and responsibilities. And when that happens? Everyone loses. People need a safe environment to try new things. Share ideas. Take risks. That’s how you create a great team.

Number two: Most wouldn’t on the surface find this person a BAD leader – but hear me out. I’m talking about the REALLY NICE leader. The one who hates confrontation. Doesn’t want to make anyone upset. Can’t make a decision. Is unable to have really crucial discussions about performance. Becomes everyone’s therapist, parent, friend—everything but the leader they need to be. The one who knows everything about everybody. Who’s divorcing, who’s sick, and who has kids that are giving them a hard time. They’re very motivational, involved, and eager to offer incentives. Not all bad traits. But here’s how this goes south. Because there are no repercussions, no consequences, no boundaries, they get dumped on. People take advantage. And marginal employees are allowed to slip by while the top producing employees pick up the slack (and resenting their job more and more every day!). People need fair boundaries, fair consequences and standards to live by. That’s how they grow. They how they get better. That’s how they learn. And that’s how you create a great team.

Number three—the absentee leader. This leader is so enmeshed in their own work that they pay little, if any attention, to their employees. There’s no coaching. No mentoring. No teaching. Definitely no role modeling. Employees are pretty well expected to fend for themselves. At performance appraisal time, the employee may finally hear what it is they have or haven’t done to deserve a raise or promotion—but there was no attempt throughout the year to help them grow, learn and thrive on their job. Leadership is there in name only and does not contribute in any way to their long-term personal development on the job.
People need attention paid. They need recognition. Appreciation. And respect. They need to be given every chance to grow and learn and thrive in their environment. That’s how you create a great team.

Now let’s get to the really GOOD – no UNBELIEVABLY GREAT management style. The folks that are willing to let go of a little ego to help grow people. The ones that challenge their team. Invite creativity and collaboration. Who let people take risks. Who mentor, coach, cheer, and train. But who also set boundaries, limits, expectations, and consequences. The ones who are there as living role models for how to successfully lead a team. It’s a fine line to walk when you are a leader. Caring, but firm. Open to ideas but not afraid to make a decision. Understanding, but committed to doing what’s right. Allowing leeway, but maintaining high standards. Knowing when to mentor and when to let go. Offering incentives while setting high expectations. Showing them how to do the job better, but not doing it for them. Complimenting when the time is right but having crucial conversations when necessary.

No matter what kind of leader you are—YOU WILL AFFECT YOUR TEAM”S ABILITY TO PRODUCE, COLLABORATE, PROVIDE SERVICE, DEAL WITH CUSTOMERS AND CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR ORGANIZATIONS GROWTH AND ROFITABILITY. The question is what path will your specific leadership style take them?

Once again, the psychology of human behavior helps us solve a mystery of how to succeed. When you understand who you are, you can translate that to what you need to do to help grow your business.
Here’s a video on the topic – take a look!

Ready to be the BEST leader you can be? Check out my eBook StandOUT Leadership. In it you will learn the 10 POWERFUL LEADERSHIP STRENGTHS to keep in mind when you are thinking about your own ability to influence others in a positive way. They are also the ten traits that you should look for when choosing the people you want to influence you.

How to Turn Limitations Into Strengths

September 4th, 2014

And See Yourself in a Whole New Lightstrengths vs limitations Motivational Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta

by Motivational Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta

So it’s a no brainer that we need to leverage our strengths.  If…we even know what they are.  Unfortunately most people are so focused on what they can’t do or wish they could do, that they don’t even take time to realize what they can bring to the table.  So step one.  Figure out exactly what it is you do really well.  And be proud of it.  Let people know about it.  Find ways to bring those talents into your job.  Your relationships.  Your quest for success.  Even your health.

Here’s a tip:  Don‘t wait for people to recognize and acknowledge what you do that’s awesome.  Believe me, they are too busy with their own stuff to even realize what you are doing—they are just trying to survive in a crazy, insane world. You have got to be your own best friend when it comes to spreading the word that what YOU do is vital and brings added value to the situation.

Now to the topic at hand — limitations.  We all have them.  No matter how hard we try to ignore them. Rationalize them.   Blame our parents for them.  Make excuses for them (not our fault we do this!).   And even justify them (I was just born this way—can’t help it).  Bottom line:  limitations have to be recognized and accounted for—no way out of this one—IF…you truly want to be happy and successful.  The worst thing you can do is act like they don’t exist or defend why you have them. Let’s play instead by grown up rules.  Step one, we own our limitations and then we strategically plan how we can change them, fix them, improve them, get rid of them, live with them or, even better yet, see if there are any that you just might be able to turn into strengths.

“How is that even possible?” you are saying.  Well take me for example.  I was always getting into trouble in high school.  Got kicked out of class more times that I can count.  Why?  Ha!  For talking of course!  More than one teacher told me I would never amount to anything because I couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes.  Lack of attention span and constant talking were two huge limitations—both contributing to my lack of success in school.  Until…another teacher figured out how to turn my “weaknesses” into strengths.  He signed me up for the speech and debate teams.  Within a year I was excelling in school and leading the debate team in first place wins. Turns out, what was a limitation in one situation turned out to be a strength in high demand in another.

How about you?  Do you have any imitations that could be viewed as strengths if the situation were different?  Think about it.  You might be surprised at a few things you do that seem to be keeping you back that just might work to your advantage if you used them differently.  It is definitely worth a try.

Here’s a quick video to share some additional insights on the topic!

Learn more about leveraging your strengths in my new eBook STANDOUT Strengths.  Learn more here! Let me know what you think!  I’d love to hear!

Understanding Generational Mindsets

August 8th, 2014

A Lesson in Generationscp talk to each other

By Motivational Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta

I was interviewed while keynoting a leadership conference a while back and asked the question, “What can leaders do to help the generational diversity out there?”  It was a good question and one that I think is really important for today’s leaders.  You know, it’s easy to play the blame game-right?  The older generation is quick to judge the younger generations and the younger generation, frankly is quick to do the same.

Here’s the deal.  The Baby Boomers are known for being hard workers, nose-to-the-grindstone people.  They grew up believing if they worked hard enough they would get what they wanted.  They’d achieve a level of success that they aspired to.  And that’s all good stuff.  However, when I polled young people and asked them to describe their parents in just two words here’s what I got:  Tired and Angry.  I asked them to describe their bosses in the same way and guess what?  I got the same two words:  Tired and Angry.  And here’s why – most of them grew up with at least one workaholic parent.  Parents, that while most were well meaning, put everything into that ‘work hard=get what they want’ philosophy.  But many of them didn’t get it all-did they?  It would be different if they were fulfilled and happy, but many of them overworked, over achieved and they were left – well – tired and angry.

So to younger generations, the idea of working THAT hard didn’t equate to having it all.  In fact, quite the opposite.  So you see many young people who strive to be more balanced.  Have more accessibility.  Be at their kids’ soccer games, plays, and productions.  They don’t want their kids to think of them as tired and angry all the time.  But the flip side is that what they do want – they tend to want NOW.  It’s hard for many of them to realize they need to put in their time and pay their dues – something that was inherently drilled into the older generations.

So where’s the bridge? I tell my audience members and leadership clients to start with four simple words:  Talk to each other.  We’ve so much to learn from each other.  SO MUCH.  And it starts with communication.  Both sides can ask – what do YOU want?  What do YOU expect from this position?  How can we work TOGETHER to make it a win-win for both of us and the organization?  It all starts with conversations.  Open mindedness.  And a willingness to put aside some age-old (and age-young) stereotypes and connect with each other in new ways.

Our world is changing at a lightning pace.  The only way to keep up, move ahead, and make the most of it?  Is by working TOGETHER.

Here’s the clip from the interview – enjoy!

Want to learn more about bridging the gap?  Check out my book Texting Harry. It’s a great story – with an awesome spin on how communication makes ALL the difference in connecting generations.